Simple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact

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A software solution that is highly customizable and can be used to oversee both network and individual device activity and can generate detailed reports

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Keeping a close eye on your network is always a good thing. You are able to check up on performance, device behavior and verify alerts before they turn into serious problems.

Simple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact is a monitoring tool designed to offer you a new and intuitive way in which you can keep track of an entire network, as well as specific devices.

It’s a utility that allows you to scan your network using Ping or SNMP and map workstations. All the devices can be grouped into folders and subfolders and relocated anytime you want without disrupting any configuration that is applied to them.

The application offers you the use of node templates for laptops, printers, routers, switches and workstations which you can connect to various gadgets. The latter can be configured to display information about the number of commands per second, CPU performance, memory use and much more.

An appealing aspect of Simple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact is the fact that it allows you to create these nodes and network maps anyway you want. The elements you choose to connect can be resized and have their look and properties customized in a very simple manner.

Since you are able to monitor both workstations and individual devices, the application offers you a very well put together notification system that becomes active whenever an error appears. It provides information about the source, node, event time, alert policy and stage. The alerts are displayed in a list and clicking one brings out a considerable amount of detailed information that you can use to resolve any issue.

As far as reports go, with Simple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact it's easy to extract data about nodes, the performance of components, state changes, poll engine statistics and others.

With the above to consider and much more to discover, Simple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact is by all means a very practical and handy tool for all network administrators.

Simple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 5th, 2014
Simple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact - From the main window of the application you are able to scan your network and detect all the connected devices so you can monitor them.Simple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact - The application offers you a number of templates for devices such as laptops, printers, routers and switches.Simple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact - Accessing the Events tab, you can view all the existing notifications, create events manually as well as edit them.Simple Pinger w/SQL Server CompactSimple Pinger w/SQL Server CompactSimple Pinger w/SQL Server CompactSimple Pinger w/SQL Server CompactSimple Pinger w/SQL Server Compact

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