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Straightforward and clean utility which enables you to view a graphical representation of the network traffic and generate reports

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iTraffic Monitor is a software application which was built specifically to aid people in monitoring their network traffic, viewing periodical reports and configuring a few options.

Smooth installation and clear-cut interface

The setup process is a piece of cake as it does not come bundled with any unpleasant surprises and it is over in a jiffy. After finalizing it, you come by a pretty simple and intuitive interface. Moreover, so as not to become obtrusive, you can send it to the system tray with just a click of the button. Consequently, all user categories can find their way around it, regardless of their previous experience with the IT world.

View information in real time and options you can tweak

The main window depicts your network traffic in real time, using a color coded system, so that you can easily figure out the download and upload speed. In addition to that, you can enable a browse mode, so that you can easily access earlier data with the help of a scroll bar.

A stop watch can be started or stopped, so that you can view total, peak and average download and upload, while it is also possible to bring up session stats. Last but not least, reports can be generated for the last day, week, month or year, including information such as total downloaded and uploaded data, and the amount of MB processed.

Performance and conclusion

The amount of resources necessary is low at all times, while the response time is good. The interface is suitable to all types of users and we did not pick up on any hangs, errors or bugs during our tests.

Taking all of this into account, we can safely say iTraffic Monitor is a pretty efficient piece of software when it comes to monitoring your network traffic.

iTraffic Monitor was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on June 19th, 2014
iTraffic Monitor - This is the main window of iTraffic Monitor from where you can monitor your network traffic.iTraffic Monitor - From the Options window you can adjust various features of the application.

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