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A handy and effective ping utility especially designed for novice users who need to ping one IP address at a time and view the name of the recognized device or computer

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Network administrators surely need all sorts of utilities that help them monitor remote computers and devices available in their network, as well as find out if they work properly. Desktop Pinger is a simple, yet effective utility especially designed for users who need to ping various devices on the network.

The graphic interface is user-friendly and is quite easy to figure out how it works, thanks to the intuitive layout. All you have to do is to specify the IP address you want to ping, then press the ‘Show List’ button or ‘Ctrl+E’ key shortcut. It will then open a list that displays the identified device along with its name.

Additionally, Desktop Pinger enables you to edit the recognized device by modifying its IP address or its name, according to your needs.

Basically, the program requires minimal user input, as the only thing you can do is to specify the IP you want to scan. Although it does not come with advanced functionality, Desktop Pinger comes in handy for users who just simply need to find and view active network computers and devices.

However, considering the main domain for which it was designed, the program does not display subnet, gateway and DNS information, nor it allows you to scan your network based on a predefined IP range. What’s more, you can’t view the time for each pinged network computer.

That means Desktop Pinger remains a very basic utility, which is a great tool for rookies who need to get used with such operation. Still, professionals may find the lack of essential features quite frustrating so they should turn their attention to other programs that are able to scan the gateway, display DNS information and scan the entire network effortlessly.

To conclude, Desktop Pinger is a nice and simple piece of software that can be quite useful, especially when it is mastered by novice users. They should have no problems working with it since the utility is able to ping only one IP address at a time.

Desktop Pinger was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 30th, 2014
Desktop Pinger - This is the main window of Desktop Pinger from where you can ping the desired ip address or domain.

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