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A simple and easy to use application meant to help you with the remote management and control of computers on a network, including power options

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LanTool is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software developed to assist network administrators and other professionals in the field, meant to allow them to remotely control computers in their LAN.

Straight-forward user interface

The main window displays the active connections that it can detect, along with several details about them, such as the name, IP address, status, user, system uptime or the moment of the last pulse.

The program’s toolbar provides you with quick access to the most relevant functions, enabling you to discover a wide array of information about the targeted PC with a simple button push.

Detect, connect and control remote computers

LanTool is supposed to allow you to access and control network computers, letting you view the currently running processes on a machine, shutdown, log off or restart the system, display network adapter information or transfer files. Moreover, the utility features a ‘Remote Desktop’ component, that enables you to connect to a another PC in your LAN, as well as a VNC tool.

It should be noted that during testing, the tool was unable to detect other computers in the network aside from the one running LanTool. While it was able to provide extensive details about certain characteristics of the host machine (devices, network adapter and statistical data), it failed to discover anything related to the other components of the network.

Basic network administration program

To sum it up, LanTool can at best serve as a system info application, due to the fact that is seems unable to detect anything in a LAN, let alone connect or control other PCs, yet seems very adept at discovering minute details about the host.

LanTool was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 16th, 2014
LanTool - The main window of LanTool allows you to view the active computers and other details about themLanTool - From the View menu, you can perform transfers, displays the configuration files or the main logLanTool - The Tools menu of the application enables you to access the options and adjust various functioning preferencesLanToolLanToolLanToolLanToolLanTool

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