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Tool for software and hardware developers working with serial ports

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As its name implies, Free Serial Port Monitor is a monitoring tool that can display and analyze data exchanged between your computer applications and the connected serial devices.

At the first run, you are welcomed by the 'New Session Wizard' window that can guide you step by step through the configuration process. You have to choose the monitoring session type (Serial Port Monitor, Protocol Analyzer and Log File Playback), setup the session source and set the data processing and visualization options.

Free Serial Port Monitor can easily keep an eye on serial ports and modems connected to your computer. It can display the state of all the serial lines, capture the serial device activity (sent, received and transmitted data), monitor textual protocols and send data to the device on behalf of the monitored application.

The interface of the program comprises all the information you requested in individual windows, enabling you to easily copy it to your clipboard or export it to Excel, CSV, HTML or TXT formats. The software can also be used to monitor the data flow between two different serial devices.

Free Serial Port Monitor intercepts the data streams and allows you to analyze communication packets. It can be used for monitoring data traffic, as well as testing and debugging the COM ports connection.

Hex data display, serial port information and session logging are other features that this application comes with.

Even though modern computers are not equipped with serial ports anymore, Free Serial Port Monitor can prove to be a handy tool for testing applications that still use this data transfer method.

Free Serial Port Monitor was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on December 22nd, 2012
Free Serial Port Monitor - In the main window of Free Serial Port Monitor users can open existing sessions or create new onesFree Serial Port Monitor - The Edit menu allows users to copy data, as well as to export sessions to XLS or CSV filesFree Serial Port Monitor - You can add a visualizer or view information related to the serial port by accessing the Tools menuFree Serial Port MonitorFree Serial Port MonitorFree Serial Port MonitorFree Serial Port MonitorFree Serial Port MonitorFree Serial Port MonitorFree Serial Port MonitorFree Serial Port MonitorFree Serial Port MonitorFree Serial Port Monitor

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