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Capture the passwords that pass through your network adapter for educational purposes or just for the simple act of pure hacking

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SniffPass provides you with a rather unorthodox piece of software that capture packets getting through your network interface card and decrypting them in order to display various information on the screen of your computer’s monitor.

By default, SniffPass requires that you select the method for the capture process to use from options such as raw sockets, WinPcap packet capture driver or other Microsoft specific network monitor drivers. You can also use the promiscuous mode which redirects the network traffic to the CPU (central processing unit or processor), thus enhancing the packet sniffing operation.

This is actually the place where all you have to do really with SniffPass is going down. As long as you find the correct mix of options, the application is surely able to produce data by listening to each and every packet running through the selected NIC. Moreover, SniffPass follows certain protocols such as the ones specific to email servers and clients (POP3 and IMAP for incoming connections as well as the SMTP for outgoing connections).

Furthermore, SniffPass also catches passwords sent through the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and even HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). You can also choose to exclude duplicates, make the software beep on any new found password or add a header line to the CSV / tab-delimited file. Due to its nature, SniffPass can trigger various antivirus security threats.

All in all, SniffPass does not call for the hacker in you, unless that is the exact reason you have deployed it in the first place. You can also use it for more noble things such as testing out new technologies that keep application such as SniffPass from getting the information within the packet and decrypt it in order to provide an extra layer of protection.

SniffPass was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 9th, 2013
SniffPass - In order to start capturing, you will need to configure the method that suits you bestSniffPass - This is the main window of SniffPass where you will be able to enable the grid linesSniffPass - The Options menu will offer you the possibility to exclude duplicates and to activate the beep when a new password is captured

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