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A useful clipboard enhancement tool that helps you paste text and images without having to use hotkeys, helping you work with multiple clipboard entries

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RubberStamp aims to enhance the functionality of the Windows clipboard by allowing you to work with multiple text entries and create templates for quick pasting.

Paste various text pieces without using hotkeys

Unlike other programs in its category, this application does not require you to remember key combinations to paste one of the stored items. Instead, it can be set to stay on top of all the other opened windows, offering one-click access to the text you want to paste.

RubberStamp is very easy to work with and configuring it is a breeze. It displays a simple window comprising twenty items that you can customize to your liking with the help of the integrated editor.

Create text templates with variable fields

Each button can be assigned a label for easy recognition and the button colors and style can be easily customized. The application enables you to enter any text, alongside other variable fields, such as the current date and time, a name, a number, an e-mail address, a phone number, a department or other miscellaneous information. You can define these fields from the 'Settings' menu, which comes in handy for creating a complete signature to use at the end of an e-mail.

In case you want to store a short text as a new clipboard entry, there is a much simpler alternative to using the dedicated editor. You just have to copy the text piece to the clipboard and right-click on any of the available buttons. In order to avoid overwriting an existing item, RubberStamp can be locked, which disables editing.

A reliable clipboard enhancement tool

RubberStamp can be a real time-saver, especially to those who must work with the same text pieces repeatedly (such as 'Thank you' e-mails). It tries to keep things as simple as possible, helping you paste the desired text much easier and much faster, without having to remember multiple shortcut keys.

RubberStamp was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
RubberStamp - You can use RubberStamp to create multiple text pieces that can easily be copied to the clipboard.RubberStamp - The integrated editor enables you to create a new entry containing text, the current date, time, a name, a phone number and so on.RubberStamp - The 'Settings' area is where you can enter your name, e-mail, department and other contact data.

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