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Store multiple clipboard entries (only text and URLs) and gain access to them using a custom hotkey, edit clipboard items, and save all entries to a file on your computer

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Clipomatic is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you extend the functionality of your clipboard and store multiple entries. The tool automatically monitors clipboard data and saves the items to its own cache.

Look for the utility in your system tray

The program is unobtrusive and can be found running quietly in the background. You can make it show a menu with available clipboard options by simply pressing a predefined hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+V).

You are allowed to start or stop the clipboard monitoring process and clear all clipboard items or only the current one.

Clipboard editor

You are offered the freedom to save clipboard entries to a file. The utility comes packed with a built-in editor which allows you to alter the current item or add new text entries. On the downside, the application does not let you store images and preview them with the aid of thumbnails.

Configuration settings

Clipomatic gives you the possibility to reassign a hotkey used for opening the menu with saved clipboard entries and set the maximum number of items that are stored in the cache.

What’s more, you can load the program at Windows startup, paste clipboard entries upon their selection, ignore whitespace, clear the current clipboard entry on exit, as well as save clipboard entries to a file on your computer for being imported and edited in the future.

Final words

All things considered, Clipomatic provides a straightforward solution for helping you save multiple clipboard entries and gain access to them using a custom hotkey. The simple design makes it suitable for rookies and professionals alike. On the downside, it hasn’t been updated for a long time so you may bump into compatibility issues on newer operating systems like Windows 8.1.

Clipomatic was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
Clipomatic - Clipomatic automatically saves any number of items that have been copied to the clipboard and allows you to access them.Clipomatic - You can paste text in your document from a list of cached clipboard items or choose from a number of permanent entries.Clipomatic - You can determine the shortcut to be used for the program's paste function and the number of items that will be cached.Clipomatic - The program allows you to create a custom file where you can permanently store multiple items, for easy access.

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