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A reliable and user-friendly software solution that comes in handy when you want to quickly copy the name of the selected file or directory

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Copying the names of various files isn’t a very hard task under normal conditions, but Copy File Name is a small utility that can make the job even easier.

Basically, the program places a new entry into the context menu. Thus, after it is installed, a new option is available each time you right-click a file or folder. By selecting the “Copy file/folder name” from the menu, a new window appears on the screen.

There are several options that can be selected, such as the full path, file name, short path, URL, UNC and UNC URL. Any of the entries may be picked with the help of the mouse or the arrow keys.

It’s possible to display the names in two modes. The switch is easy to make by accessing “Syntax” in the menu bar. By default, “Normal” is selected; “C++ and C#” is the alternative.

Once you’ve made your pick, the file or folder name is copied to the Clipboard. This means that you can easily Paste the words into any text file or search field.

While copying the name of a file isn’t a complicated task, the program gives you a wider range of paths to choose from.

The bottom line is that Copy File Name is a nice utility that can save you plenty of time. Inexperienced users should find the program easy to work with, thanks to the intuitive interface and the overall simplicity of the task.

Copy File Name was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on August 2nd, 2014
Copy File Name - The application integrates within Windows context menu and allows you to easily copy the name of the selected file or folder

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