Art Plus EasyNoter PRO

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Create, manage and search calendar notes or journal entries from your diary, schedule alarms with recorded sound or launch a program at a specific time







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Art Plus EasyNoter PRO is a diary which includes a calendar, and it allows you to create or import notes and addresses, then group them into folders and subfolders. You can adjust the size, change the color and font for all the text.

Create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly alarms with notes that will launch a certain program, play a recorded message or the default sound.

You can also select other programs to be opened from shortcuts available in Art Plus EasyNoter PRO.
Last updated on April 6th, 2014
Art Plus EasyNoter PRO - From the Diary tab, you can access the calendar and easily add journal notes to specific dates.Art Plus EasyNoter PRO - By accessing the context menu, you can create new folders and subfolders to organize your notes, collapse or expand them.Art Plus EasyNoter PRO - Art Plus EasyNoter PRO allows you to adjust the size, color and type of font you want to use for every text entry while also printing it.Art Plus EasyNoter PRO - In the Reminder tab, you can schedule an alarm with a default or a recorded sound and also open a specific application.Art Plus EasyNoter PRO - The application features a photo album and a few shortcuts to other programs you might want to quickly access.Art Plus EasyNoter PROArt Plus EasyNoter PROArt Plus EasyNoter PROArt Plus EasyNoter PROArt Plus EasyNoter PROArt Plus EasyNoter PROArt Plus EasyNoter PRO

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