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A lightweight, yet powerful application that helps you create and manage a list that contains all your appointments, meetings or tasks

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Writing down your ideas and plans can help you free your mind, because you do not have to remember each one. Using an application over a physical notebook has certain advantages, as you can easily edit or change any previously saved task or activity.

My Little List is a lightweight software solution that acts as a virtual agenda and that can help you organize your plans and appointments, by creating memos with each one.

Fast and intuitive task scheduler with modern-looking interface

My Little List allows you to write and save any plan, idea, appointment or meeting, so that you can create a memo for later use. Besides, all the created tasks can be review and edited at any point, in case that certain activities change their original planning.

Although the application does not have a reminder option, that could be set to notify you at a certain due date, you can easily manage all your notes from the list.

Flexible memo creator that can prioritize your notes

The program can set your previously created notes as “Done”, helping you pass on to more important tasks or plans. Each noted activity can be easily moved up or down your list, in order to change its importance.

In addition, the program can delete one or multiple notes at once, as you can remove any of the memos created by adding each one to the deletion list.

A straightforward and seamlessly easy to use virtual agenda

My Little List can help you organize your activities and tasks with ease. Furthermore, you can change their list priority anytime by moving any task accordingly towards the head of the list.

You can easily plan any appointment and task, although a reminder feature would significantly improve the application’s functionality.

My Little List Store App was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
My Little List Store App - My Little List can help you create an agenda that contains all your plans, ideas or appointments.My Little List Store App - You can batch delete certain list entries by selecting all those that need to be removed.

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