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A simple yet efficient application that features several components, namely a calendar, an organizer and reminder all packed in one utility

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PC Calendar is a lightweight and intuitive software utility whose main function is as an activity organizer that is able to sort all your important events, meetings or plans, thanks to the several activity-managing components that it provides you with.

The application features three different tools that can all work together in offering you the ability to better manage your multiple tasks, namely the 'Calendar', the 'Organizer' and the 'Reminder'. With their help you can keep track of all upcoming deadlines, anniversaries, parties or daily activities, without ever missing or forgetting something important.

The 'Calendar' tool offers the 'Gregorian' version but it also has the ability to convert these dates into their 'Julian' equivalent, just with one push of a button. Similarly, PC Calendar enables you to quickly discover which is the weekday of a certain date, being able to return accurate results for any year or century, regardless of how far it is, even hundreds of years away.

With the 'Organizer' component, you can easily add 'Tasks' or 'Events' to your calendar, with the option of making it a recurring entry and being precise to the minute. You can enter a title, a description and other comments, which can prove helpful when reviewing your plans, as it lets you quickly remember what they are about.

Moreover, PC Calendar also features a 'Reminder' tool, which allows you to be alerted of an approaching event several days, hours or minutes before its actual occurrence. This way, even if you happen to forget about a crucial meeting, you will be reminded in time by the program and will be able to attend. You can even turn on and set up reminders for tasks that you initially added without activating this function.

In conclusion, PC Calendar is a simple yet efficient application that is meant to help you keep your work and personal plans and events, so as not to miss any of them or have them overlap, thus preventing them from causing you trouble.

PC Calendar was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 3rd, 2014
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