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A personal journal application designed to store the digital diary of a user, featuring password protection and full database search option

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My Daily Digital Journal can help you keep a record of your daily activities and create a private diary where you can store all your thoughts, wishes, stories or deep secrets.

The main concern of any person that keeps a journal is related to privacy and as expected, this application features password protection in order to avoid others from accessing and reading the journal entries.

The built-in text editor features basic processing and formatting options, enabling you to change the appearance of the text according to your preferences. Aside from allowing you to configure the style (color, font type, effects - bold, italic, underline) and the paragraph alignment, the application comes with a collection of special characters that you can insert in the text, as well as funny emoticons that can add a personal note to the text, reflecting feelings much easier.

Diary entries can also include Internet links or images imported from your computer (the most common file formats are supported, namely JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, EMF, WMF).

My Daily Digital Journal features auto-saving, which means that the content you input is automatically saved to the diary database, without you having to perform this operation manually. However, texts can be saved as RTF files on your computer or printed on paper directly from the application's main window.

Thanks to the built-in calendar and the navigation buttons, you can easily jump to another diary entry. Moreover, the search tools can help you quickly find a diary entry that contains a particular keyword.

My Daily Digital Journal keeps things simple, enabling both beginners and more experienced users to benefit from its features. It can help you lay your thoughts on 'paper' and store them safely, which makes it as good as any other application in its category.

My Daily Digital Journal was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 12th, 2014
My Daily Digital Journal - My Daily Digital Journal is an application ideal for users who want to keep a journal with everyday activities.My Daily Digital Journal - Users can view journal entries of previous days by selecting one in the Calendar window.My Daily Digital Journal - In the Full Database Text Search window, users can search for a keyword through every entry.My Daily Digital Journal - screenshot #4

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