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An application that generates detailed graphical representations based on comprehensive project files, to summarize and organize information

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Large projects often contain massive amounts of information that's not always properly organized and easy to remember. It can be difficult to follow many pages and extract the most useful details from them.

Visual Mind is a utility designed to create maps and summaries for such situations to help you view the most important parts of your projects.

Break down your project into branches

Information is easier to follow when it is concentrated into smaller fragments, each with a central idea around which revolves everything else. Visual Mind enables you to extract the main points and ideas from your text and create branches for quick access and better visibility. Each branch connects to the rest of the project and can be customized with images, web links and spreadsheet data.

You can also assign priority levels to branches and organize their completion schedule. Pre-made map templates are also included, if you want to jump directly into action and skip the customization process. They can always be edited on the go though, so you are not stuck with the original template once you choose it.

Drag-and-drop elements between project branches

Visual Mind enables you to easily move information around the project by taking advantage of the integrated drag-and-drop capabilities. You can drag pictures, files and even entire branches to rearrange the map layout and improve accessibility.

The resulting projects can be exported to a variety of formats readable by anyone, without the need to have Visual Mind installed on their system. You can save your projects as basic TXT files, or choose between HTML, RTF and XML for more advanced formatting options.

Closing arguments

Mind maps can be extremely helpful to memorize and summarize large projects. Breaking the information down into smaller pieces gives you the freedom you need to select only the most important aspects.

Visual Mind offers a respectable amount of useful features suitable for almost every type of activity, including task planning, brainstorming or studying.

Visual Mind was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 20th, 2014
Visual Mind - You can view the map explorer and its graphic representation in the main window of Visual Mind.Visual Mind - You can add pictures, symbols and Excel spreadsheets into the map by accessing the Insert tab.Visual Mind - To apply a new filter or to open a new window containing the active map, you can access the View tab.Visual Mind - screenshot #4Visual Mind - screenshot #5Visual Mind - screenshot #6Visual Mind - screenshot #7Visual Mind - screenshot #8Visual Mind - screenshot #9Visual Mind - screenshot #10Visual Mind - screenshot #11Visual Mind - screenshot #12Visual Mind - screenshot #13Visual Mind - screenshot #14Visual Mind - screenshot #15Visual Mind - screenshot #16Visual Mind - screenshot #17

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