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Tracks and analyzes PC activities, projects, software and internet use






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Visual TimeAnalyzer is an extensive reporting timesheet, project and time tracking software. Visual TimeAnalyzer is a handy and reliable application that will automatically track all your working time, computer activities, pauses and memory usage.

You learn which programs were used for how long, when, and by whom. Parents have control over their children's PC use. The logger runs invisible in the background and monitors all activities on family's PC or company's network.

Visual TimeAnalyzer analyses software usage at individual workstations or across the network. You can choose detailed reports and analysis graphs for time tracking, time management, project tracking, project management, project cost or attendance.

Select user and time periods and see: Weekly statistics, hourly computer use, most used programs, online time, active working time, pause times, opened documents, projects, daily summary (diary), history and intensity of program usage (ideal for project overview), extent of the use of available programs, visited web pages (time, URL, title), and TopTen of the most popular web pages.

Visual TimeAnalyzer analyzes PC activities in Family or Business. Keep user data (like passwords and personal documents) safe: Visual TimeAnalyzer does not record keyboard inputs or run background screencaptures.

You can also try out the portable version of the application.
Last updated on January 22nd, 2013
Visual TimeAnalyzer - Visual TimeAnalyzer will help you quickly and easily track and analyze PC activities, projects, software and memory usageVisual TimeAnalyzer - From the context menu you have the possibility to add the selected process to your projects or delete itVisual TimeAnalyzer - The File menu enables you to easily change the password or open a new projectVisual TimeAnalyzer - screenshot #4Visual TimeAnalyzer - screenshot #5Visual TimeAnalyzer - screenshot #6Visual TimeAnalyzer - screenshot #7Visual TimeAnalyzer - screenshot #8

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