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An easy to use software solution that is meant to help those searching for the simplest way of putting together a checklist without any fuss

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Most users who have a lot of duties and tasks to take care of often look for a way of optimizing their workflow and simplifying procedures to allow for more actions to be completed more quickly and with increased efficiency.

Basic operations, like creating a list of daily activities should take as little time as possible and for this purpose sChecklist was designed.

Add and view events from a clean and well organized GUI

Right off the bat an important advantage of this program will become evident as soon as the user opens it for the first time and it pertains to the fact that there is no need for installation, as sChecklist runs from any storage device it is kept on.

The information can be added with ease and the grid lines are a great helper to assist users in identifying list entries faster. For those who do not want them shown, it is possible to hide them from view.

Useful features for managing the data entered in each list

sChecklist comes with a rich assortment of functions that will enable any user, experienced or beginner, to input entry upon entry in the lists they need and then handle that information in any way they see fit.

Able to work in conjunction with the system clipboard, this application makes transferring data to and from the clipboard effortless. Since most of the functions of sChecklist also have hotkey correspondents, moving, copying, pasting, cutting or deleting content is as simple as it can get.

An efficacious and very easy to use checklist utility

On the whole, this software solution offers a really good alternative for those who need just a simple tool that is able to store the tasks they have to carry out and in doing so to make daily activities a bit more organized.

sChecklist was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 11th, 2015
sChecklist - This is the main window of sChecklist that allows you to create lists and manage the activities with ease.sChecklist - The right-click menu in sChecklist provides quick access to all the editing functions that can be used to take care of the selected item.sChecklist - sChecklist also offers a varied choice insofar as sorting the list elements is concerned.sChecklist - screenshot #4

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