Multi Launcher for Skype

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Open multiple Skype sessions and login to more than one account on the same computer with the help of this intuitive application

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Multi Launcher for Skype is a useful application that allows Skype users to launch multiple instances of the video conferencing program and login with more than one account on the same computer.

The same result can be obtained if you launch a secondary instance of Skype using the 'Run' dialog. Nevertheless, Multi Launcher for Skype makes things much easier, enabling you to configure your accounts and launch them without having to enter the credentials each time.

Easy to configure and use

Its tab-based interface makes it very easy to work with, providing quick access to the account list, which includes both usernames and passwords. As a drawback, the application is not password-protected and the stored data is not encrypted, so you should be careful when using it, since anyone can view your account details.

Launching a new instance of Skype is done either by pressing on the designated button or double-clicking on the account name. The application opens Skype and automatically enters the corresponding username and password.

Create contact lists and start video calls in Skype

Aside from this function, it can also assist you in creating a complete contact list to include the Skype ID, the name, surname and the company. This way, you can dial a contact directly from Multi Launcher for Skype and initiate a video call. Alternatively, contacts can be easily imported from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or CRM-Express.

Run more than one instance of Skype

Once all your accounts are configured and you don't need Multi Launcher for Skype anymore, you can simply minimize it to the system tray. This way, you instruct it to run in the background, but keep it within reach.

Multi Launcher for Skype is a handy tool for anyone who uses Skype on a regular basis and wants to stay online on more than one account. Running multiple instances of Skype can be easily done without it, but luckily, this application also comes with other functions that can ease your work.

Multi Launcher for Skype was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on March 19th, 2014
Multi Launcher for Skype - Multi Launcher for Skype enables you to easily manage your contacts and add new onesMulti Launcher for Skype - You can navigate to the Options tab if you want to set the application to launch at Windows startupMulti Launcher for Skype - You have the possibility to add new contacts by specifying the Skype ID, the name and the surnameMulti Launcher for Skype - With the help of the application you are able to launch multiple Skype instances