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Uncover the complex phenomena hidden in your data with the help of this powerful, yet intuitive data analysis and research platform

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ATLAS.ti provides you with a comprehensive platform for qualitative analysis and research. It comes with a rich set of tools that work together in order to help you evaluate data, run queries and searches, as well as store and visualize results.

While organizing and analyzing a handful of data sources might seem easy, this task becomes tedious and rather overwhelming as the number of sources grows bigger. ATLAS.ti is the ideal tool for managing and inspecting large collections of documents and media files, enabling you to assign categories to information that is relevant to your objective and set relationships between different chunks of data (this operation is called 'coding').

The application can work with text documents (articles, reports, transcripts, surveys etc.), multimedia content (audio recordings and video clips), graphic material (images, photos, diagrams etc.) and even geographical data captured from Google Earth.

You can use its toolbox to highlight important data and annotate texts, associate links and resources, and create comments. The advanced searching, sorting and filtering options help you quickly find what you are looking for, while the object explorer offers you an overview of your entire project. For instance, it can be used for viewing documents and their quotations, memos linked to their corresponding objects, all in tree-view to allow easy navigation.

In a similar way, the object manager displays the project content in an organized manner, categorizing them in primary documents, quotations, memos, links etc.

Word wrapping, backup capabilities, automatic segment selection, code lists, weightable codes that can be used as SPSS variables, color coding, diagram view of all the links and object connections are other advantages that this application comes with.

Featuring an intuitive interface, ATLAS.ti is a great working environment for organizing your data prior to building your project. It can handle multiple sources simultaneously, supports linking across documents and comes with advanced data visualization options that you would expect from a reliable and powerful qualitative research utility.

ATLAS.ti was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 9th, 2015
ATLAS.ti - ATLAS.ti offers you a qualitative analysis and research utility that allows you to organize your information much easier.ATLAS.ti - You can add new documents to your project, edit comments and import or export content from the 'Project' menu.ATLAS.ti - Users can easily rename documents, find relevant text and invert filters from the 'Documents' menu.ATLAS.ti - screenshot #4ATLAS.ti - screenshot #5ATLAS.ti - screenshot #6ATLAS.ti - screenshot #7ATLAS.ti - screenshot #8

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