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This is a Word add-in that makes it possible to automatically insert a verse from the Bible inside a document using the editor's context menu

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AutoVerse Add-in is a helper that works exclusively with Microsoft Word, aiming to assist in writing documents that have topics related to religion.

The purpose of the program is to automatically insert quotes from the Bible based on the name of the book, chapter and the number of the verse, which are to be input by the end user. The whole operation is made possible via Word’s context menu.

The installation process is hardly a challenge, as the application deploys in seconds and without significant user intervention. However, it is recommended that you exit Word for the operation to be carried out successfully.

The next time you open the editor, you should be able to spot a new tab, named AutoVerse, from where you can choose the version of the Bible you want to work with. Options include as follows: New International Version, New Living Translation, New American Standard Bible, King James Version, New King James version and Young’s Literal Translation.

In order to insert a new verse, you are required to specify the book, chapter and number of the verse, as mentioned previously, to select the text that results and to right-click it, at which point, a new context menu option should be noticeable.

When you select it, the add-in starts to search the Bible version you chose and then displays the content of the quote in Italic. There is a certain lag between the time you instruct it to fetch a verse and the time it makes the text available, but not of significant impact.

In conclusion, AutoVerse Add-in spears you the effort of searching for a certain verse manually and automates the procedure through a versatile engine at absolutely no cost.

AutoVerse Add-in was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 6th, 2014
AutoVerse Add-in - AutoVerse Add-in implements a new tab inside Word, from where you can choose the Bible version you want to work with.AutoVerse Add-in - You will be able to insert a new Bible verse using Word's context menu.