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A simple and user-friendly application that enables you to open images and mark the size of various elements, obtain their color or apply text notes

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BeforeOffice Mark is a lightweight and easy to use piece of software aimed at graphics designers and other professionals in the field, providing you with the means of analyzing the size and color of an image, being able to also apply text bits on its surface to signal a certain aspect.

User-friendly and practical appearance

The main window allows you to load the images you wish to work with from clipboard, from a locally stored file, your current screen or you can just drag it over BeforeOffice Mark.

When closed, the tool retreats to the system tray, allowing you to easily access it when in need, but otherwise staying out of your way.

Analyze, measure, pick colors and apply text onto your pictures

When opening a photo using the ‘Clipboard’, ‘Draggit’ or ‘File’ option, BeforeOffice Mark will display them in a full screen working window, which you cannot adjust or minimize, you can only close it. The ‘Screen’ option, however, will turn your entire desktop into a picture.

The application features several components that you can use, namely ‘Distance’, 'Get Color’ and ‘Text’. The first tool lets you measure lengths in pixels, either vertically or horizontally, while the second enables you to obtain the color code in RGB or HEX for a specific pixel in your image.

The ‘Text’ component enables you to indicate a certain element and place a written note, so if you wish to transmit a message to the next person working with that picture, you can signal the precise problem and also explain it. Using ‘Save’, you can export the file, along with the size, color and text notes to PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF or TIF format.

A useful utility for analyzing and annotating images

To summarize, BeforeOffice Mark is a useful and efficient program created to help you check pictures in detail and apply your comments directly on their surface, proving quite handy when working in a team, as all members can offer their input.

BeforeOffice Mark was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
BeforeOffice Mark - The main window of BeforeOffice Mark allows you to select the component that you want to work withBeforeOffice Mark - When closed, the tool retreats to the notification area, so as not to interfere with your regular activitiesBeforeOffice Mark - The local image you open with BeforeOffice Mark can be measures for distance, or you can apply bits of text to itBeforeOffice Mark - screenshot #4

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