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A reliable and easy to use Excel add-in that enables you to convert dates, data types, ZIP codes, cases or phone numbers to a uniform format

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Convert Excel Value is an intuitive and easy to use add-in that enables you to arrange the value cells from your Excel worksheet with just a few clicks. It can easily convert the digits or letters from the selected spaces to the correct date, phone number or ZIP code format.

Reliable value converter

Filling the cells in your spreadsheet with the proper format for date and time, ZIP code or phone numbers can take a long time, especially when dealing with large documents, with many entries. When using Convert Excel Value, you may simply enter the required digits in a cell, then let the add-in set it in the correct format.

Not only can Convert Excel Value save your time, but you may select between multiple types of formats. It can recognize dates, time, data types, phone numbers, ZIP codes, cities, states and text cases. Thus you need to select the cells or columns you wish to modify, and let the add-in process the data contained within.

Easily arrange a date, phone number or ZIP code to the correct format

In case of a cell containing a date, you may change its layout and turn it to day-month-year format, specify the weekday or switch to month, year, day of the year, even hour and minutes. Alternatively, you may convert a cell to support general characters, text only or digits.

When working with name cells, you can use the case conversion, that enables you to turn upper or lower cases to proper format. For each conversion set, you can choose to change the selected cells or the entire column.

Organize cells and save time

The add-in enables you to also arrange phone numbers to the desired format, with hyphens or slashes, as well as convert a ZIP code to an address format, including the city and state. You may select as many cells as you wish to convert, even entire rows or columns. The add-in can perform the conversion instantly, thus helping you to not only tidy up the tables on your worksheet, but also save much time.

Convert Excel Value was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 11th, 2014
Convert Excel Value - Convert Excel Value is a versatile Excel add-in that enables you to easily convert values from a cell to a specific format.Convert Excel Value - The add-in allows you to convert date and time to weekday, month, year, day of the year or the correct time stamp format.Convert Excel Value - The add-in enables you to convert a cell's format from digit to general or to text and to apply the modification to the entire column.Convert Excel Value - screenshot #4Convert Excel Value - screenshot #5Convert Excel Value - screenshot #6

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