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A lightweight, yet handy command line application that allows you to capture a webpage under an image by just using its URL address

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In order to fully capture a website, you either need a big screen or several combined screenshots of it. In order to avoid all this hassle, you can simply use Convert HTML to Image.

The application runs in Command prompt and it allows you to capture the full screenshot of a website just by using its URL address.

Handy website capturing tool

The program gives you the possibility to scan a website and capture it in an image. By running as Command Prompt arguments, the application ensures you that it works on most Windows-running machines. In addition, you can capture websites to a desired size, by properly mentioning the height and width when extracting the image.

Furthermore, the application can process the website address provided in a couple of ways, as long as you use the proper commands to resize your image or change the image format from JPG to GIF, PNG, BMP or TIF.

Reliable utility that takes webpage snapshots

Convert HTML to Image can be used to scan a website or even a local HTML page and create a snapshot of its layout. Additionally, you can choose the quality of your saved images, as well as the width and height of your output image.

Aside from this, you can easily process an entire TXT file that contains links to websites, granting you the possibility to batch extract snapshots from multiple websites at once.

A lightweight, yet dependable HTML conversion tool

To sum it up, Convert HTML to Image provides you with a convenient way to extract images from one or multiple websites at once. You can also perform several modifications before saving the snapshots, such as resize the image, change its quality, or set the program to start capturing the image of an website after a certain period of time.

Convert HTML to Image was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 21st, 2014
Convert HTML to Image - Convert HTML to Image is a command line tool that allows you to capture a website as an image using its URL address.

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