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Use this user-friendly standalone tool to discover the percentage of identical text in two or more documents, with minimal effort

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Duplicate Content Checker is an efficient and fairly simple to understand piece of software whose main purpose resides in providing you with a straightforward method of comparing the contents of several documents simultaneously and determining the percentage of similarity between them.

No installation needed

Since it is a portable utility, in order to work with it, you can just double-click and run the downloaded executable as it does not need to go through a setup process.

Consequently, this means you can store Duplicate Content Checker on a removable storage device and take it with you wherever you need, using it on all compatible systems regardless of the fact that you may or may not have administrator privileges. When deleted, it leaves no trace on the host system.

Swiftly compare multiple TXT files and view the ones with identical contents

For starters, you will need to load the TXT files that you wish to process. You can add them in bulk, all at once, or individually, if they are located in different folders; drag and drop is not supported.

After that, you can select the items that you want to analyze by clicking their respective boxes and configure the functioning preferences, for instance the number of words which would cause the application to consider it a repetition. You can adjust the number of threads to use, then press the ‘Compare’ button.

In the ‘Similarity Ratio’ section on the right side, you can view which documents contain identical sentences and phrases n percentage, being able to ‘View’ selected files in a double-panel window. The problematic areas are highlighted in red, allowing you to intervene and reduce the level of similarity, then save the file for future use.

A useful tool juxtaposing text documents

To conclude, Duplicate Content Checker is a handy and reliable text comparer that can successfully assist you in analyzing your files and determining the level of similarity between them.

Duplicate Content Checker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 4th, 2014
Duplicate Content Checker - The main window of Duplicate Content Checker allows you to load the targeted files and compare themDuplicate Content Checker - The Article Compare view window enables you to analyze the contents of two documents simultaneously