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Using this application you can search the Internet for information and create essays with references, then save your project as a DOC file

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School assignments are almost never easy to complete, and this is especially true for essays as they involve a lot of research and creative thinking on the part of the student. However, those who want to speed up the whole process of creating an essay can rely on various dedicated software solutions, such as Essay Writing Software Essay Master.

The application installs without any issues and it comes as a wizard-styled application that basically guides users from one step to the next one. This way, even novices who are not PC experts can still enjoy the functions of the app.

First of all, users need to enter the topic of their essay or the most important keyword, then wait until related results are displayed. Next, one needs to read and select the paragraphs they consider to be the most important and relevant to their task - the total number of selected words is displays, which can come in handy to those who need to create papers with limited numbers of words.

One of the most valuable features of Essay Writing Software Essay Master is that users can replace chosen words with synonyms - just like the previous step, they still need to read and analyze the text so as to be able to choose the terms they want to replace or the phrases they want to remove altogether.

The application also offers users the possibility to randomly replace words with synonyms, but this method might result in confusing texts so it is best to take the time and review words individually.

The next step deals with changing the sentence order and this should also be completed manually, rather than automatically.

The final step helps users insert references within their texts using the referencing style they prefer: APA, MLA or Harvard, then save the essay as DOC to the location they specify.

Essay Writing Software Essay Master was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on January 28th, 2014
Essay Writing Software Essay Master - Essay Writing Software Essay Master allows you to search online for the information that interests you.Essay Writing Software Essay Master - The application displays the results it found and you can select from multiple sources.Essay Writing Software Essay Master - The application offers you the possibility to replace chosen words with synonyms.Essay Writing Software Essay MasterEssay Writing Software Essay MasterEssay Writing Software Essay Master