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An expression calculator that enables you to perform complex calculations involving a variety of operations, including logarithms and trigonometric functions

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Having to perform complex calculation involving a variety of mathematical expressions can be difficult to achieve without the proper tools, especially if you need to cut back on the amount of time spent tackling them.

Calculate almost any kind of mathematical expression

Expression Solver is a software utility designed to greatly improve the way you perform mathematical calculations, by allowing you to efficiently make use of a variety of included expressions and functions. Whether you just want to calculate basic additions and multiplications, or you need to use slightly more complex trigonometric functions, such as sine or cosine, they are all at your disposal.

Furthermore, you can also tackle operations involving logarithms, as well as quickly employ the services of the well-known irrational numbers, pi and e. These are provided with a precision of 14 digits, which is more than plenty for any sensible calculation you might need them for.

Switch between various angle systems

Depending on your field of expertise, you might require your results to be expressed in a different angle system. The utility allows you to easily switch between degrees, radians and grads, all of which come with their respective uses and applications. Each of them, however, require a correct input in order to display accurate results, so you should pay attention when you switch them.

As far as limitations go, the program can handle calculations within a pretty extensive range, both for integer and floating point operations. After a certain threshold, the results may start to be rounded up and not be entirely precise, although that only happens for very large or very small numbers. For regular, day-to-day use, though, the application is able to perform without any troublesome limitations.

In conclusion

The simple and intuitive interface of Expression Solver make it a very attractive application, especially since it delivers many useful functions that can be directly integrated into your calculations, without the need to manually write them every time.

Expression Solver was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 12th, 2014
Expression Solver - You can perform the desired calculations using a variety of operations in the main window of the application.Expression Solver - The Edit menu enables you to copy and paste content, as well as exit the application.