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A simple utility that was made for anyone to use and save data from VCF vCard files in either plain text or Microsoft Excel compatible format

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Organizing and managing contacts often involves using dedicated applications for exporting phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses and other details from a mobile device to the PC.

Another type of transfer which is often encountered when carrying out such tasks involves the conversion of the data contained inside special files, like vCard business cards, into a readable, more common format. Extract Data From VCF Files Software is one utility that can help all users make this transition with ease.

Dual-pane interface for fast processing

Once you install and start this program for the first time, you will notice the specific layout of the main window which is meant to offer a better visibility of all the functions this app is equipped with.

The commands are easy to understand and use, while the fact that there are only a few extras that can be customized means less time spent adjusting the running parameters of operation.

Run the job after minimal configuration

When it comes to the detailed settings for each extraction, the application will enable you to choose the fields of the vCards that will be processed, so you can have the only the names, phone numbers, e-mails or addresses saved.

The supported output formats are limited to Excel and plain text files, but you have another option, namely that of having the results copied to the system clipboard, so you can insert them into any other document.

A tool easy to set up and quick in extracting data from VCFs

Extract Data From VCF Files Software can certainly be a good choice for anyone interested in saving contact information from business cards into a more common format. The program offers some basic yet useful features which are well suited for beginners in particular.

Extract Data From VCF Files Software was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 15th, 2014
Extract Data From VCF Files Software - From the main window of Extract Data From VCF Files Software you can configure the extraction process then get the data you need.