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A useful application that was designed to make it possible to extract in one go the information contained inside several MSG email files

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Pretty much everyone is familiarized with writing, sending and receiving e-mails, but not all know that the messages are stored in a specific format, depending on the software solution used as an e-mail client. For instance, Outlook and Exchange users might be acquainted with the MSG files which are used by these applications.

Things can become a bit more complicated when someone needs to view such messages on a PC where no program that can read these file is installed. To overcome this obstacle, one can try a dedicated tool like Extract Text From MSG Files Software.

Simplified GUI for fast message data extraction

The looks may not be among the strong points of this utility, but practicality and ease of use are, so if you feel the interface is quite dull, after a couple of minutes spent for getting to know the app you will appreciate the fact that everything is upfront and all the functions are at hand.

Adding the files to the processing queue is done either by picking them one at a time or by selecting an entire folder to have extract the content from all the messages it hosts.

Configure multiple options for each extraction job

Insofar as the customization of the process is concerned, Extract Text From MSG Files Software offers several methods of acquiring data from the chosen e-mails. Thus, you can input a certain text string to be used as reference and have all the lines containing it extracted or excluded from the procedure.

The application also offers a mode of drawing out the text by line number and another one based on some text sets. The results will be displayed as son as the task is carried out and you can save them either in plain text or in Excel compatible format.

No frills text extractor for MSG files

To conclude, it's safe to say that this tool looks quite appropriate for any user, regardless of their level of experience, as it offers an effortless way of getting text out of e-mail messages saved in MSG format.

Extract Text From MSG Files Software was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 16th, 2014
Extract Text From MSG Files Software - This is the main window of Extract Text From MSG Files Software where you can load the files and process them on the spot.