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A reliable and easy to use Microsoft Word add-in that enables you to automatically Fax/Mail merge your documents from within the editor's interface

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Fax4Word is a simple to use add-in, designed to work with Microsoft Word, and help you to automatically send out the text you write as a fax. The add-in enables you to configure the connection between your computer and a local or remote fax machine, then send out the text to multiple recipients.

Faxing a text straight from Microsoft Word

Sending out a document by fax is useful especially in cases when a file must be sent back and forth between the sender and the recipient. Instead of printing and scanning the document, or sending it by mail, you can make sure the recipient receives the file instantly in physical form, without quality loss.

Fax4Word enables you to send the text by fax, straight from Microsoft Word. Using the add-in, you may skip over several steps and save much time, by automatically sending out the file via fax, after you finish editing it. You simply need to establish the connection between your computer and a local or remote fax machine, then easily schedule the process from within Word.

One text sent to multiple recipients

The add-in supports sending a single text to multiple recipients, thanks to its FaxMerge function. It enables you to enter multiple fax numbers and send out the text simultaneously to numerous recipients. It is useful when you need to send out a signed contract to multiple parties or promotional newsletters to important clients.

Fax4Word can be found within Microsoft Word, under the Add-ins menu on the commands ribbon. Thus, you may easily access it and send out a text, by fax, as soon as you finish writing or editing it. Moreover, you may easily select the recipient’s fax number, name or message subject.

Save time and effort with Fax4Word

Fax4Word is a useful and reliable add-in for Microsoft Word, since it enables you to fax documents to multiple recipients simultaneously, straight from the software’s interface. It allows you to easily setup the connection to the fax machine and send out files, with just a few clicks. You do not require additional software for configuring the fax printer sending options.

Fax4Word was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Fax4Word - Fax4Word is a reliable Microsoft Word add-in that enables you to easily fax a text written in the editor, straight from its interface.Fax4Word - Before faxing out the text, you need to set certain configuration options, such as connect your computer to a faxing machine.

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