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Use this lightweight computer program whenever you need to split a file into multiple pieces as well as merge them back together

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There are multiple reasons for which you would split a file into several pieces. It might be easier to transport when it comes to a large file, or you might just want to separate it and store the segments in different places for safekeeping.

Regardless of the purpose, having the right tool is essential. A solution for those who are looking to separate a file into multiple parts would be File Split and Join FREE.PRO and as it’s name sugets, it also manages to join them back together.

Simple and practical user interface

From a graphical user interface point of view, File Split and Join FREE.PRO is designed to be comprehensive to anyone and everyone. As long as you know the basics of what the application is for, you shouldn’t have any kind of problem though the application would greatly benefit from a built-in documentation with at least a general description of how each feature can or should be used.

Essentially, File Split and Join FREE.PRO is built out of three modules that allow you to split or join files, and a last one that enables you to generate MD5 hash values.

Split and join with just a few clicks

Whether you want to separate or merge files, it’s equally easy and fast to do. For the first, you merely need to load the source file, choose between split of size or text, set the destination path and with one more click, you’re done.

The same applies to joining back previously split files, only it takes you far less time. Once they are reconnected, they can be opened just like the original file. To verify that you indeed obtain the same document, with File Split and Join FREE.PRO you can load them into the application and with the MD5 function, verify the similarity between the two generated hash values.


To wrap it up, File Split and Join FREE.PRO seems to be a decent tool if you’re looking to separate files and merge them back together in a simple and efficient manner.

File Split and Join FREE.PRO was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 9th, 2015
File Split and Join FREE.PRO - With File Split and Join FREE.PRO you are able to split a file into pieces, as well as merge them.File Split and Join FREE.PRO - From the Join section the user can add multiple files and merge them together into one item.File Split and Join FREE.PRO - By going to the MD5 section, you are able to generate a checksum value and obtain other relevant information about the file.