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An application that can interface the communication between your computer and a scanner, allowing you to scan, print and save images

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FreeKapture is a simple to use application that enables you to capture images from scanning devices and save them on your computer. It’s based on the TWAIN (Technology Without An Interesting Name) API and communications protocol that facilitates the interaction between applications and imaging devices.

With FreeKapture you can easily connect to and use various devices that send scanning commands to compatible devices, then copy and save the images on your computer.

The interface of the FreeKapture needs no explanation as it is a straightforward application. In the main window, You have a generous preview area where you can view the scanned image along with details about it’s height and width values. You can also select to display the image in its original size or have it fit in the preview screen. This is a good feature to have since you can use the first to have a clear clue of the detail level in the scanned image, while the other can be used to make sure the scan has the correct framing.

You are also offered the option to choose how to print the newly scanned document. It’s possible to print the scan in its original size or at a custom one that you get to enter. FreeKapture also enables you to adjust the quality of the image before you scan it which in turn influences the printing speed and ink consumption.

IF you’re intention is not to print the scanned files, you can very well copy them to clipboard and save them on your computer in the commonly used JPEG format.

In conclusion, FreeKapture is an application that can certainly be your helper in scanning documents and photos. It can also do the job when it comes to printing and saving the images on your computer but unfortunately for it, it’s a bit outdated and somehow that makes it unappealing despite its practical nature.

FreeKapture was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 19th, 2013
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