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An addin that converts numbers in any cell of an Excel spreadsheet into English text, adding it a prefix and a suffix of your choice

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Gword is a useful addin for Microsoft Excel that adds a new function to the popular spreadsheet management application, so as to allow the user to convert numeric values to text.

Assitance on usage for the Excel macro

The application is delivered as an XLA file, which is the proprietary format for Excel addins. In order to activate it, you only have to double click on the downloaded file, since XLA documents are automatically associated with Excel.

Once you do so, the Gword formula is loaded in Excel, enabling you to call it anytime you need to. Upon launch, the addin displays a small window where you can access its options and get detailed and clear instructions on how to use it.

Add a custom suffix and a prefix to the output

First of all, Gword requires macros to be enabled in Excel, so you will be prompted to do so. The function can be called upon either by manually typing in the syntax in the desired cell or by pressing the 'CTRL-SHIFT-G' key combination. This inserts the formula into the selected cell, enabling you to configure its argument.

The syntax is very simple, as Gword can only process a single cell, so there is a single argument between the parenthesis. It is also possible to convert numbers to words without using the formula, by selecting a range of cells and pressing the 'CTRL-SHIFT-W' key combination.

Gword can add a user-defined prefix and a suffix to the output text and you can customize this option in the 'Settings' area. For instance, you can add a currency name after the converted number or appoint a measurement unit.

Convert numbers into texts without effort

Gword is a handy addin for Excel that makes it possible for you to easily create a column containing the text correspondents of a series of numbers. It comes in handy for completing forms, checks and so on.

Gword - Excel Convert Numbers to Words was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on November 30th, 2014
Gword - Excel Convert Numbers to Words - Gword is a handy addin for Excel that can convert numbers to words in seconds.Gword - Excel Convert Numbers to Words - The 'Settings' area enables you to enter the desired prefix and suffix for applying the Gword function.