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Create checks and deposits, keep full accounting - from your home PC.





Instant Check create a check and deposit it without waiting for the mail to arrive or hoping that your client will remember to send you one.

Instant Check is now available for you to try for ten days free. Prints in Dollars - Euros - Pounds. You can create your client's check right in your office or home and you can create your own checks then fax them or mail them. Instant Check will even do your bookkeeping for you.

Instant Check prints checks with or without stubs, and it is easy to setup. You will be writing checks in minutes. Instant Check will print checks 8.5" by 3.0" to 3.75" plus tear off stubs.

Instant Check can print checks on blank 8.5" by 11" . It can create a picture or any background that you choose on the face, as well as print any special message on the back of the check.
Last updated on March 12th, 2009
Instant Check - In the main window of the application, you input data about you and your bank for later printing.Instant Check - You have the option to print an envelope for your check. The envelope can be personalized.

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