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Convert decimal degrees typical for the WGS (World Geodetic System), the reference for the GPS, to degrees, minutes, seconds and viceversa

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Latitude Longitude Calculator provides you with a lightweight calculator for the conversion of latitude and longitude values from decimal to degrees, minutes and seconds and viceversa. With Latitude Longitude Calculator, the only real problem comes from the fact that it requires that you have the Excel component of the Microsoft Office suite installed on your system in order to properly run it.

First things first, the necessity of performing this particular type of conversion comes as a necessity to some users that are fascinated with geographic coordinates because of their line of work or simply, their hobby. No matter if you are a cartographer or find yourself constantly converting these values using complex algorithms, then specialized software such as Latitude Longitude Calculator can really spare a lot of time.

The mechanism behind this specific application software is purely mathematical. What Latitude Longitude Calculator does is take the value you entered as the input and carries out a few procedures. For instance, the first part of the program converts decimal degrees to DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds). Firstly, it checks whether the value represents the latitude of the longitude in order to determine the direction imposed by the sign.

The mathematics are nothing fancy, including subtractions and multiplications, while for the other way around process, they turn into additions and divisions. In fact, the only advantage of Latitude Longitude Calculator is the speed ensured by the computing power of your system or any other PC that can run the Excel application.

All in all, the Latitude Longitude Calculator program is far from spectacular and that does not come as a surprise. Only if you already have Excel installed on your system, you can take the application for a spin. Other than that, you can also find standalone software or even online calculators that also do the job.

Latitude Longitude Calculator was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 20th, 2013
Latitude Longitude Calculator - Latitude Longitude Calculator is an Excel template that allows you to convert decimals to their corresponding latitude and longitude.