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A lightweight solution for Excel users who are looking for a simple and straightforward means of managing and appointing paid vacations and leaves

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LeaveTracker is a simple and efficient solution to an issue that every office around the world faces, that of employee leaves. With this Excel tool you can schedule, monitor and manage over two hundred employee records for vacations, paid leaves and other situations when a person requests or has the right to absence from the workplace.

You don’t have to install it, just use it

LeaveTracker is one of those applications that won’t waste even a second of your time with any kind of installation process. All you have to do is open the file with a double-click and you’re ready to work, well, after you perform a series of settings and insert some required data.

User-friendly interface well suited for anyone

From the moment you run it for the first time, it’s clear that LeaveTracker is an easy to handle application. It provides a basic follow menu from where you can access all the tool’s features and functions, and even the leave records are intuitively designed.

The layout of a form is simple in design, comprehensive and you enter data like in any other Excel spreadsheet, with just one click in the appropriate data cell.

Create leave types and assign custom holidays

LeaveTracker enables you to perform a certain degree of customization for the information you add. You can name the type of leave, enter the accrual rate, accumulation limit and add supplementary employee information in new columns.

The application also comes with a Holidays section from where you can select which ones are granted for leaves by default, but you can very well add custom ones that are specific your country or company.


To wrap it up, LeaveTracker is a straightforward and very handy tool to have around if you need to manage leave times for your employees with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

LeaveTracker was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 4th, 2015
LeaveTracker - LeaveTracker enables you to keep track of employee paid vacations throughout a company.LeaveTracker - From the record interface, you are able to add notes, assign hours and view the calendar.LeaveTracker - Generating a report inserts information about the employee name, start date, and time repartition.LeaveTracker - screenshot #4LeaveTracker - screenshot #5LeaveTracker - screenshot #6

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