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A handy mind map designer that enables you to organize your ideas in a structured manner, improve your efficiency and productivity

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With a rich history in data visualization and problem solving, mind maps are widely used for organizing ideas and improving workflow. There are various applications out there that can help you build such graphical representations and one of them is suggestively called Mind Map Architect.

Create mind maps to organize data

Mind Map Architect enables you to create diagrams that can help you organize large information sets, put ideas into order and keep track of tasks and actions. It can build maps with multiple branches that relate to the main idea.

Creating new items to include in the map is done by pressing the 'Enter' or the 'Insert' key, although it would be much more convenient to have a designated option in the right-click menu. Items are automatically arranged in the working area, not allowing you to move them around.

Mark items and color them for easier identification

Each item can be assigned a custom title and a text note. There are options for text editing, changing font styles, colors of the lines, canvas, texts and the background.

There are a few symbols that you can associate to an entry in order to view its status at a glance. The item can be marked as done, question, bomb, warning, idea, tip or an e-mail, a phone number, a plan, a bug, an URL. For easier identification, you can color ideas and branches.

Thanks to its tab-based interface, Mind Map Architect enables you to work with multiple projects at the same time.

Build simple mind maps with ease

While it does not offer as much as its competitors, Mind Map Architect remains a viable open-source alternative to more expensive mind map creators.

Of course, integrating flowchart templates, clip arts and more customization options could really add to its value.

Mind Map Architect was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
Mind Map Architect - You can use Mind Map Architect to create your own mind map and organize your work in a much more efficient manner.Mind Map Architect - You can easily edit, cut, copy, paste, delete or move an item in the mind map from the right-click context menu.Mind Map Architect - Users can modify the rising method and the name of the file author in the 'File Properties' window.Mind Map Architect - screenshot #4Mind Map Architect - screenshot #5Mind Map Architect - screenshot #6Mind Map Architect - screenshot #7Mind Map Architect - screenshot #8

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