OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery

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Recover lost or forgotten passwords to spreadsheets created in OpenOffice Calc.





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OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery is a useful tool that will enable you to recover lost or forgotten passwords and remove protection from the spreadsheets created in OpenOffice Calc.

The best in OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery is its full support of all types of OpenOffice Calc documents, an ability to recover all types of passwords and remove all types of spreadsheets protection. Unlike other competitors, password recovery and protection removal with Calc Password Recovery is instant and exceptionally effective.

Whatever the reason, OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery will stretch its helping hand! It offers a unique combination of all possible attack methods for the most effective password recovery.

Calc Password Recovery recovers open-document passwords and effectively removes document read-only protection, revision marking protection, OpenOffice Calc document and sheets protection. Furthermore, this application will recover OpenOffice Calc passwords regardless of their language or length.
Last updated on January 30th, 2009
OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery - This is the main window of OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery where you can open any file you want to process.OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery - This is the Attack Profile Manager where you can configure the rules and conditions for each attack scheme.OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery - The Program Settings window is the place where you can configure the program priority and activate file history.OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery - The Projects section will allow you to enable autosave and adjust the GUI update interval.OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery - You can access the Advanced tab when you want to choose sound notifications and confirmations.