Persian QWERTY Keyboard

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Persian and Arabic QWERTY layouts

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Persian QWERTY Keyboard is designed to provide users with additional input tools in order to edit their documents or emails. The components aim to help the users who need to use Persian or Arabic in their daily activity.

Windows comes with multiple keyboard layouts which enable users to type in their native language by using the standard keyboard. The main goal of the project is to provide the ability to write in Persian and Arabic to the operating systems that do not include these languages.

This tool provides you with two additional input methods which are optimized for writing in Arabic and Persian.

After the installation you can access the new keyboard layout from the language bar and set it as default from the Control Panel.

Unlike transliteration software, this program allows you to use the layout in every Windows application by specifying it from the language bar. It also includes four different layouts which enable you to insert multiple characters.

Unfortunately, in our tests some of the keyboard combinations specified in the online documentation did not change the inserted characters.

If you often use Arabic or Persian for editing text and need to quickly switch the keyboard layout, you should try Persian QWERTY Keyboard to see the results for yourself.

Persian QWERTY Keyboard was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 7th, 2013
Persian QWERTY Keyboard - This is the layout of the Persian keyboard you can now use with your QWERTY keyboard.Persian QWERTY Keyboard - This is the layout of the Arabic keyboard you can now use with your QWERTY keyboard.