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A powerful document management application for office users who need to take care of numerous scans and store them in digital format

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Document management activities can be quite tedious most of the times, especially when dealing with hundreds or thousands of papers that need to be put in order and classified.

A method of getting things done faster and organizing more easily the heaps of documents would be to turn everything digital, that is to say move from paper to bits of data that can be stored on media compatible with any computer, tablet or similar device.

To help those who are in such a need and are willing to take one step further in making their work more productive, efficient and orderly, SmarThru Office is a software solution that is worth trying. Even if the package is quite sizable and the installation may take a few minutes, the program is worth the effort.

The interface is pleasant to look at and work with, customizable as well and with all the functions conveniently placed in toolbars that can be moved into new configurations and then locked into place.

A neat thing about this particular application is the fact that it already has a number of predefined categories so you can start classifying your documents immediately after they are scanned or located using the file browser that looks inside your Windows folders.

The powerful search function that is built inside SmarThru Office will allow you to locate not only the files, but also look inside them and find specific words or entire phrases. The queries can be conducted among particular types of files, which include DOC, XLS, PDF, PPT, TXT, HTML as well as all the common image formats and e-mails.

To conclude, SmarThru Office is certainly one of the more advanced document management utilities and it provides a solid set of features that can accommodate the needs of all users, beginners or more experienced.

SmarThru Office was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on November 14th, 2013
SmarThru Office - The main window of SmarThru Office allow syo to browse and select the documents.SmarThru Office - Scanning documents and backing up files can be accessed from the 'File' menu of SmarThru Office.SmarThru Office - All the editing commands of SmarThru Office are available in the dedicated menu of the application.SmarThru Office - screenshot #4SmarThru Office - screenshot #5SmarThru Office - screenshot #6SmarThru Office - screenshot #7

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