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Speech recognition framework featuring a modular architecture, with flexible components whose performance can be increased by adding various plug-in components

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Sphinx-4 is a Java library designed for speech-recognition purposes. The system was conceived for both live and batch mode speech recognizers that can discern discrete and continuous speech.

The package features implementations of various acoustic tools and language models that improve signal processing and overall speech recognition. Thus, Sphinx-4 should be able to detect simple digits and large contiguous vocabulary items.

Modular architecture

The modular architecture of the Sphinx-4 framework allows implementation of various modules that can lead to increased functionality and accuracy.

There are three modules available in the bundle, the FrontEnd, the Decoder and the Linguist, each fulfilling clearly assigned tasks.

They work in synergy in order to provide the best results by analyzing the input signal, processing and decoding it and translating standard language models based on pronunciation and structural information.

Versatile configuration options

A hefty set of parameters is included in Sphinx-4 in order to allow the user to customize the performance of the product according to specific conditions. With most of the changes, however, there is no need to meddle with the source code.

Furthermore, some of the configuration parameters can be altered on the go, which leaves room for experimenting with different settings without having to stop and reiterate the entire procedure.

Flexible speech recognition framework

Sphinx-4 comes with plenty of documentation that offers instructions about handling the main components as well as on how it can be installed on various platforms.

It is highly flexible and versatile, and the developer makes available a sufficient number of demos for assessing the capabilities of Sphinx-4.

Sphinx-4 was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 15th, 2014

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