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A simple text processing application that enables you to easily remove blank lines, replace characters, insert words, change the text case and more

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TEXTREME is a text formatting application that can prove useful in remodeling text and modifying its appearance. It bundles various string-based actions that you can configure in order to delete text sections, insert words, remove blank lines and so on.

All the options are neatly displayed within a single window where you can choose the input file, build the parameter list and process the input. Aside from plain text files (TXT), TEXTREME also supports LOG and LIS files, both for input and output.

You start by configuring the general settings, which help you choose the beginning line. TEXTREME enables you to add line numbers to the text,, remove blank lines and change the case of the entire document, if you want to.

Other available options are intended to delete delimiters, words and text sections, insert new user-defined characters into the text as prefixes, suffixes or at a specific position, strip trailing or leading spaces, move characters to a certain position, remove words, replace or switch characters. For your convenience, the application allows you to create exclusion lists that comprise all the lines containing a specific string.

Rule sets can be saved locally and loaded at a later time. Also, you can delete a function within a rule set or add a new one anytime. TEXTREME can process the entire document or limit its actions to the first 25 lines in the text, your choice.

TEXTREME can prove useful in quickly processing text and log files, saving you the time needed to perform all changes manually. It features a decent set of text processing functions that can come in handy mostly to programmers.

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Last updated on June 11th, 2014
TEXTREME - You can use the main window of TEXTREME to easily modify the appearance of your text.

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