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An intuitive application that you can use to insert text snippets when writing, so as to reduce the amount of time and effort required to complete the task

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TextExpander is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software meant to offer you an easy means of completing writing assignments which entail a large amount of repetitive phrases, words or bits of text, enabling you to insert them in your window through a keyboard shortcut of your own making.

Intuitive and practical appearance

Following a quick installation process, with no particular events to speak of, the application will automatically run minimized in the notification area, letting you access it whenever you need to add new text snippets, but otherwise not interfering with your regular activities.

By right-clicking TextExpander's icon, you can 'Open' the main window of the program and begin creating groups, then inputting various text snippets.

Add snippets and insert them in your texts

To get started, you will first need to create the entries, or snippets containing the text you use most often, which can be anything from a word, to a sentence or a lengthier piece of text.

You can then enter the 'Abbreviation' by means of which you will be able to insert the snippet in the file or window you are working in. Moreover, this can be 'Case Sensitive', 'Case Insensitive' or 'Automatic', depending on your individual requirements.

The text comprised by your snippet can be edited in terms of fonts, alignment, bullets, styles (underline, italics, bold), and you can even add hyperlinks. Additionally, TextExpander allows you to input various 'Macros', specifically 'Date' (day, month, year), 'Time' (hour, minute, second), 'Key' (Enter, Tab, Esc) or 'Form' (Single Line Input, Multi Line Input, Drop Down, Checkbox).

An important feature of this application is the fact that it can work with TextExpander created for Mac operating systems, enabling you to easily import files from it into your Windows version of the utility, without encountering any issues.

Useful instrument for repetitive writing

In conclusion, TextExpander is a handy and efficient multi-clipboard tool that helps you simplify your work, as it spares you from the effort of typing the same phrases several times over, allowing you to insert them with just a few key presses into your text.

TextExpander was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 11th, 2014
TextExpander - The main window of TextExpander allows you to create your snippets and group them however you needTextExpander - From the Date menu, you can insert the year, month or day under a specific format in your snippetTextExpander - The Time menu enables you to add the current time into your snippet, by choosing a favored formatTextExpander - screenshot #4TextExpander - screenshot #5TextExpander - screenshot #6

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