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A simple to use application that enables you to quickly print the delivery and return addresses on envelopes, using size format templates

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Tweaking.com - Envelope Printer is a reliable software designed to help you automate the process of printing addresses on envelopes, thus saving you much time whenever you need to send out multiple letters. You can create address templates, both for the destination location and the return, so you can easily select them when printing an envelope.

Enter addresses and save the templates

Tweaking.com - Envelope Printer is a quick and lightweight alternative to manually writing addresses on envelopes. It can be useful especially when you need to send out multiple letters and the process of writing the address on each one is taking a long time. You can easily create templates of both delivery and return address.

Simply enter the complete and correct address in the dedicated field, then click the Save button. It automatically sends the address you entered to the templates collection, where you can access and modify them at any time. Once you have created a template, next time you wish to send out a message to the same location, you only need to select the entry from the collection. The templates only contain one of the addresses, not both, which means that you can easily combine entries of return locations with destinations.

Envelope printing options

Additionally, you may also insert the logo of your company, or a custom picture, to be printed above, below or next to the return address. The software supports any size of picture, colored or in greyscale, since it can automatically size it down to a suitable dimension. Moreover, the application recommends that you upload a colored image, even though your printer is black and white, since it can increase the quality of the picture on the paper.

Before you proceed to the final step, you need to select the envelope size, in order to avoid printing over the edges. The software includes over one hundred envelope size presets, inspired by international paper. Thus, you may select the suitable envelope size for a legal notice, small letter, postcard, A4 paper, even Japanese format.

Reliable assistant in sending out letters

Tweaking.com - Envelope Printer enables you to set several address templates, for both the delivery and the return locations, even insert your company logo. It can be useful since it helps you avoid spelling mistakes and saves you time, when sending out several letters. You may also choose the envelope size, on order to avoid printing over the edge.

Envelope Printer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on December 12th, 2014
Envelope Printer - Tweaking.com - Envelope Printer is an easy to use application designed to help you set up envelope printing.Envelope Printer - You can print both the delivery and the return addresses, then select the envelope size, from the preset list.