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A straight-forward and intuitive piece of software aimed to offer you the means of converting VCF files to XML format, with minimal effort entailed

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VCF To XML Converter Software is a useful and easy to understand application that was developed to convert vCards to XML format files, outputting them to a single or multiple files.

Basic yet practical appearance

Subsequent to the installation process, users can get started with the utility straight away, as its looks are common enough not to cause them too much trouble in the process.

VCF To XML Converter Software’s main window lets users add their source files with just a swift move of the mouse, after which they can choose the preferred output option.

Convert VCF files to XML format on the fly

In order for users to add their VCFs, they can drag and drop the files onto the main window of the program, or they can opt for the traditional approach, by browsing through their computer and loading the items, individually, several at once or even an entire directory in one go.

The ‘Convert Options’ section enables users to merge all the input vCards into a single XML file, in which case they have the possibility of also choosing the save name and path. At the same time, each VCF can be exported as a single XML, requiring users select a destination folder for the files.

Finally, users can press on the ‘Start Converting’ button and the progress bar on the lower edge of the screen will inform them how long before the operation is complete. After a brief moment during which the documents are processed, users can access them for further work.

A simple vCard conversion tool

In short, VCF To XML Converter Software is a handy program that users can resort to whenever they need to turn multiple VCF files to XML format, without having to spend too much time or effort on it.

VCF To XML Converter Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 14th, 2014
VCF To XML Converter Software - VCF To XML Converter Software is a handy tool that can convert vCards to XML format, in just a few mouse clicks