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A simple and easy to use Excel extension that allows you to create a detailed database of all your company's releavnt information

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XL MASTER - Database Management Software Utility is a simple Excel tool that allows you to maintain rigorous records of your activity, be it personal or regarding your company's many departments.

The program is fairly easy to work with, but it does require that you have Microsoft Excel installed on your system and enable macros, so the addin can function properly.

XL MASTER - Database Management Software Utility features three distinct sheets, namely 'View', 'Records' and 'Label', each with its own functionality, yet working together to help you organize your business' information as well as access with ease, when necessary.

The 'Records' sheet lets you add new entries to your database or edit the existing ones. If features details such as 'U NO' (unique number), 'Name', 'Add' (address), 'Status', (for instance 'Company' or 'Individual'), 'Date of Birth', 'Mobile' (phone number), 'Email' and several other fields. At the same time, you can very well add new columns which suit your business in particular.

The 'View' section functions as a 'Quick Search' component, allowing you to input the 'U NO' of a specific entry and view its information in full or print it for easier reading. Moreover, the 'Label' sheet enables you to input the 'U NO' you wish to work with and XL MASTER - Database Management Software Utility will instantly display the corresponding details. You can enter up to three 'Footers', then print the document with just one click of a button.

To conclude, XL MASTER - Database Management Software Utility is a useful Excel addin that provides you with the ability to keep your organization's information neatly structured in a single place, so you can quickly locate the records you need and work with them or even print them, if required, saving you valuable time and effort in the process.

PRIME - Master Database Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on November 30th, 2014
PRIME - Master Database Software - PRIME - Master Database Software is a reliable Excel-based application ready to help you keep track of your customers and contacts.PRIME - Master Database Software - You can easily navigate through the database records from the 'View' spreadsheet of PRIME - Master Database Software.PRIME - Master Database Software - PRIME - Master Database Software enables you to easily add new records to the database.PRIME - Master Database Software - screenshot #4