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A simplistic piece of software that helps you view XPS files, zoom in or out, rotate pages, as well as apply anti-aliasing filters and customizable color profiles

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XPS Viewer is a lightweight application designed to help you read XPS files. This file format is similar to the PDF one, but it is based on the XML, rather than the PostScript language, which is why a specialized application is needed to open it.

XPS Viewer uses the PrintMagicXPS technology and is designed to do one thing: to allow you to view the content of XPS files.

Clean looks

Since its only purpose is to open XPS files, the interface of the program is simple, comprising just a toolbar to grant you easy access to the available tools. Here, you can find the navigation arrows to allow easy browsing through the XPS pages, as well as the zooming buttons.

However, you can deactivate the toolbar from the main menu if you want to and use the keyboard arrows to go to another page.

Reading features

After opening the desired XPS file, you can rotate it or change its viewing mode to fit the page width or height. Also, the program includes anti-aliasing filters and customizable color profiles to enhance the XPS quality.

The opened files are automatically included in the 'Recent Files' section, allowing you to easily open them later, without manually looking for them on the computer drives.

XPS Viewer is a useful tool for those who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use XPS opener. Nevertheless, Windows 7 and Vista do integrate Microsoft's XPS Viewer, so if you are using one of these two operating systems, you might just not need this application.

Bottom line

Overall, XPS Viewer does what is designed to do: opens XPS files. It provides no other functionality (such as XPS conversion), but it could prove useful for users of older operating systems who need to view XPS content.

XPS Viewer was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
XPS Viewer - The main window of XPS viewer enables you top select the file you want to view.XPS Viewer - To enable the anti-aliasing you will use the View menu.XPS Viewer - You can change the color intent with the help of the Select Destination Color Profile window.

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