Architag XRay XML Editor

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A simplistic, yet useful and practical XML editing environment that features real-time schema validation and XSLT processing capabilities

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Architag XRay XML Editor aims to assist you in editing XML documents, while providing an educational tool that can be used for learning the XML syntax. One of its strong points is related to workspace management, as it enables you to open and work with multiple documents at the same time and save the session for later reference.

Aside from XML files and schemas, the application is capable of processing XSLT documents and handling different types of XML structures. XSLT programs can be used for altering the XML structure and style.

Additionally, the application provides support for multiple types of schemas, such as DTD, XDR, W3C and XSD.

The built-in editor features syntax highlighting, line numbering and text wrapping, in order to make the code writing much easier. In addition to this, the advanced indentation options help you choose the attributes to display and show each attribute on a new line.

One worth mentioning feature refers to the real-time schema validation function, which is designed to identify and display errors and mistakes as as you type. The immediate feedback makes Architag XRay XML Editor a great learning tool, since you can view and correct syntax errors on the spot. Optionally, you can disable this function or instruct the application to parse the document once every 5 seconds.

Architag XRay XML Editor can generate approximate counts of characters, words and elements in your documents. It comes with font formatting options, search functionality and printing capabilities.

All in all, Architag XRay XML Editor can prove useful for editing and learning XML syntax. It can easily validate any document, offering support for various schema types.

Architag XRay XML Editor was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 6th, 2014
Architag XRay XML Editor - This is the main window of Architag XRay XML Editor that allows you to access all the features of the application.Architag XRay XML Editor - All the editing commands you need to operate Architag XRay XML Editor are available via this menu.Architag XRay XML Editor - You can easily configure the viewing options of Architag XRay XML Editor from this menu of the application.Architag XRay XML Editor - screenshot #4Architag XRay XML Editor - screenshot #5