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A handy program that helps you search for ZIP codes and their associated cities, providing you with extra information, such as timezone or area code

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Due to the enormous amount of human establishments, codes and names are used for quick and efficient localization. Various documents require specific country data, such as ZIP codes, being sometimes difficult to find. Luckily, applications like ZIP Express put a large database at your disposal containing such details.

Multiple search methods are available

The application opens up in a rather compact window, but can be resized to get a clearer view. An upper toolbar offers quick access to basic menus and several searching criteria, depending on what you know and are looking for.

City, state and county are but a few categories you can search by, each leading to the same result, updating as you type.

Up to 80 assignable hotkeys

In order to leave precious desktop space free, the application can be set to spend most of its time minimized in the system tray. For ease of access, implemented hotkey support give you the possibility to quickly import data from the application into any active document.

Unfortunately, the feature is poorly design, a breathtaking amount of key combinations being enlisted, leaving you to manually search the desired one. Once you find a keyboard shortcut not in use, pressing the “Modify” button brings up a small window that lets you configure its role.

View an area map for the selected search result

Regardless of the search method used, result is displayed as you type. In case there are more areas and you are not exactly sure which data you need, the application takes you on one of the most commonly used web sites to display an area map of the selected entry.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that ZIP Express is a handy office assistant when having to work with localization data. Precise info is provided as you type, making sure not even a second is wasted. The user friendly interface lets you quickly accommodate and the map option only enhances available features.

ZIP Express was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
ZIP Express - The application allows users to search for a city and some information about it just by typing its ZIP code.ZIP Express - Users can also search for the ZIP code of a region just by typing the name of the city.ZIP Express - By accessing the Options menu, users can create keyboard shortcuts or set the default paste format.ZIP Express - screenshot #4ZIP Express - screenshot #5ZIP Express - screenshot #6ZIP Express - screenshot #7ZIP Express - screenshot #8ZIP Express - screenshot #9ZIP Express - screenshot #10ZIP Express - screenshot #11

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