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A simple to use and reliable application that is capable of scanning various text files and find the specified key words or phrases

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aText Search is a lightweight application that enables you to find words contained within certain text files. You can search for individual words, word bundles or phrases, and let the software display whether the file contains them or not.

Search for words

The application can scan through the contents of text files and match the key word to the text strings within the file. If the match is positive, it notifies you that the file does contain the words. Otherwise it displays a message that says that the word or words could not be found.

The software supports TXT files and it is capable of scanning the text lines, regardless of the length of the document. The application comes in handy for instance when you search for a phone number, a name in a database sheet, or a particular piece of information related to a key word, from a live chat log.

A lightweight application

The software does not run in the background or taking up unnecessary memory or other system resources. You simply need to open it, load a supported file and let it search through the text. The process can be done instantly, so you can know if a file contains a certain word, within seconds.

Thus, if you have a folder where you save all conversation log files, from your live chat client, you can easily find which document contains a particular piece of information. Similarly, you can find which email attachment contains a particular name or other data, without opening it.


aText Search is a useful tool that enables you to conduct quick queries and identify which file contains the information you wish to access, without opening each file individually. It performs a simple process of determining whether or not a particular file comprises the specified key words.

aText Search was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 9th, 2014
aText Search - aText Search is a simple to use application that enables you to search for words contained within various text files.aText Search - The software can easily scan the contents of a text file and display whether of not it contains the specified word.