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A useful vocabulary application that enables you to create your own personal dictionary and practice typing words on the virtual keyboard

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ebVocab can be of assistance to those who are planning on learning a new language on their own, providing them with a vocabulary application that can be used for remembering new words and improving typing skills.

The main advantage of ebVocab is that it supports various languages, both Roman (English, French, German, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish etc.) and non-Roman (for instance, Hindi, Urdu or Arabic).

The application organizes your learning sessions in different projects and enables you to create different lessons to learn words. However, it does not provide examples, so you must create lessons and vocabularies from scratch, organizing and ordering them as you consider fit.

Vocabularies include the original word in the foreign language and its corresponding English translation. Additionally, you can assign it a custom comment to include explanations or synonyms.

In practice mode, a word is displayed without its translation, so you can test your knowledge. In case you didn't get it right the first time, you can set the application to repeat it several times during the lesson.

Thanks to the navigation options, jumping back and forth from an to vocabulary records is a matter of pressing a button.

ebVocab includes an integrated keyboard trainer that is designed to help you improve your typing skills using a virtual keyboard. However, this is only available for the English language.

ebVocab is worth having in your learning toolbox, since it can help you create a personal dictionary and enhance your translation skills. On the downside, it does not provide a sample word database that you can start with and it cannot be of any help for learning grammar or pronountiation.

ebVocab was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
ebVocab - ebVocab enables you to view the current lesson and the word to learn within its main window.ebVocab - You can create a new vocabulary for the selected language in the designated window of ebVocab.ebVocab - ebVocab comes with a keyboard trainer that enables you to practice writing words on the QWERTY keyboard.ebVocabebVocabebVocabebVocabebVocab