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A handy and reliable Microsoft PowerPoint plugin that allows you to convert your PowerPoint slideshows to video files and upload them to YouTube

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Slideshows are great for making demonstrative presentations, although they have the drawback of requiring specialized software for opening. It is considered common practice to convert a slide into a video and play that at a presentation, since most computers have a video player.

iSpring SlideAlloy is a handy piece of software that does just that. It is a PowerPoint plugin that allows you to convert your slideshows to video files and upload them to YouTube. In order to properly work, the application requires you to have Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet Explorer installed and running on your computer.

Reliable slideshow-to-video converter

The PowerPoint plugin helps you convert your slideshows to video files, in order to play them at presentations. This is a highly useful feature, since it is most likely that other computers have a video player, rather than an application that can play PPT slideshows.

Furthermore, you are able to choose the quality of your videos, so that they meet your requirements, since not all computers have enough resources to play HD quality.

Intuitive video converter that offers YouTube support

iSpring SlideAlloy offers you a quick and efficient way of converting your slideshows and presentations to videos, then upload them to your YouTube account.

This comes useful whenever you need to share your presentations with others, as you can simply send them the link to the video, instead of the file itself, which would take more time due to size and Internet speed.

An overall powerful slide-to-video generator

To sum it all up, iSpring SlideAlloy is an handy PowerPoint plugin especially designed to help you convert your favorite slideshows and presentations to videos, which can either be saved on your computer or directly uploaded to YouTube, for faster access and flexibility.

iSpring SlideAlloy was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on April 27th, 2015
iSpring SlideAlloy - iSpring SlideAlloy allows you to convert your PowerPoint slideshows to a video file and upload it to YouTube.iSpring SlideAlloy - You can save your slideshow videos on your computer, by specifying their name and save folder.iSpring SlideAlloy - Presentation videos can be uploaded to YouTube, after selecting their category, title and permissions.iSpring SlideAlloy - screenshot #4

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